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Natural wet dog food that donates 50% of all profits to help rescue dogs in need

We specialise in making high quality natural wet food

We’ve worked tirelessly with vets and nutritionists to create wet food that's as tasty and nutritious as nature intended.

Feed our complete wet food on its own or mix it to add a nutrition and flavour boost

  • 100% real meat

    Our food contains high amounts of delicious real meat. We never use poor quality alternatives like meat meal.

    Real meat tastes better, is more nutritious and easier to digest

  • Naturally healthy

    We use nutritious field fresh fruit, veg, herbs and botanicals; carefully selected by a team of vets and nutritionists.

    Full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to aid digestion

  • Junk free

    Our delicious natural ingredients are gently steam-cooked once to lock in the flavour and goodness with no junk added.

    Just real food that’s naturally tasty and nutritious

The benefits of feeding quality natural ingredients

  • UK rescue centres are facing a 'perfect storm'

    It's why we donate 50% of all our profits to help them solve the huge challenges they face.

  • Challenge #1

    Dogs bought in lockdown being given up

  • Challenge #2

    Dogs given up because of the cost of living

  • Challenge #3

    Status dogs needing to be rehomed

  • Challenge #4

    Daily running costs rising significantly

  • Challenge #5

    Fundraising being harder than ever before

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